Welcome to the Pet Wants Pack!

Thanks for signing up with Pet Wants Cincy. We look forward to delivering our fresh pet food and other products to you at home, work or your pet’s daycare! We have automatically assigned you to a delivery day, but if you need the food sooner than your first scheduled day, please let us know.

We offer recurring order options as well as a one-time order option. If you are wanting to set up a recurring delivery but unsure of the amount of food your pet goes through, we can help!  There are approximately 4 cups of food per pound, so if your dog eats one cup per day, one pound of food will last you four days. Therefore, you should set up a delivery of 7lbs of Dog Food every 4 weeks. When ordering Cat Food, on average, an adult cat eats about one pound per week. If you need help estimating a recurring order, please let us know. You can reach us via phone, text, email or live chat online.

Lastly, you will not be charged for your order until the day prior to delivery, so you have time to adjust it. Simply login to your account or contact us and we will edit your order accordingly.

Thanks again and Welcome to the Pack!

The Pet Wants Cincy Team
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