Delivery & Shipping

We deliver to your home, office, work, school and our favorite...your doggie day care!

Free Delivery: it means a lot to ALL of us. Sure it's convenient for YOU and gives YOU more time to do things YOU want to do, like maybe take your PUP to the woods or on a walk. Or maybe cozy up and read a book with KITTY on your lap. Those are the important things, right? But what about the fact that when we deliver to our customers all over town, we have taken hundreds of carbon spewing cars off the road that may normally have been making a trip to buy pet food. HUGE impact! Oh, and knowing how much food our delivery clients need this month helps us forcast how much food to make next month. Keeping it fresh my friends...keeping it fresh! Told you, our FREE DELIVERY means a lot to ALL of us.


How it works:

You can simply start shopping and fill your cart with our great products or register first by clicking on the Register Tab above. Once you place an item in your cart, you will be asked to select the quantity of that item and how often you would like to receive it. Selecting a recurring option is the easiest way to ensure you never run out of FRESH pet food and may save you a trip to our store!  Please note: when you set up a recurring food order, your pet food is delivered in our "future friendly" reusable jute bags. You can buy our reusable burlap/jute bags for $5, but they are really meant to be picked up when we deliver your next order. You'll get a reminder 2 days before your delivery to put the bag out, then we'll swap you fresh new food for the empty bag...just like the milk man used to do! What!? No pet food bag to throw in the garbage? Winning!


Based on your delivery address, you will be assigned to a specific delivery day. Then 2 days prior to your order being delivered, you will receive an email reminding your order is in process and any changes to that upcoming order must be made by midnight. The email is also a reminder to please put your empty burlap/jute bag out for pick up (IF you received one with your last order).


So let's get going! That is, let US get just relax. And though delivery is free, we do charge a $3 per MONTH account fee. It's about security...really. We have all of our confidential customer information hosted on the Amazon E2 Commercial Cloud. What that means to you is that none of your credit or confidential information is accessible through our website or our store by anyone other than YOU. We retain nothing but your address and your order. You're protected and so are we. Worth the 3 me ;)


Our Free Delivery is always expanding Based on your zip code, we deliver every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Our custom routing system actually programs the most efficient route every day and programs it into our driver's GPS. Not only is it free, it's efficient!

Questions? call us at 513-888-DOGS

Shipping: If there is no Pet Wants close to your city, we can ship your pet food to you using the United States Postal Service. You can find your local Pet Wants on It's simple....just sign up on our delivery program, and we'll ship your order directly to you. Whether you've moved out of town or just taking a long holiday, your pet can still enjoy our healthy food anywhere you may be! We ship from our Cincinnati zip code 45202 using either the standard post (aka parcel post) or using flat rate boxes, which ever is the most economical.  Email us for your shipping rate or use the online rate calculator at the post office website:   Our online system is set up to assign all Shipping Customers to a Saturday delivery by default, however the arrival day of your package is usually 2-3 days after ordering. Once you place the order online it is packed and sent out in the mail the same day, or within one business day, so order online and expect the food in a few days! 

Questions? call our Kitchen at 513-621-3647