Buy Local

findlaymktforwebsite_314Local.  And we mean it!

Locally owned, operated, designed and built. The Pet Wants retail store was designed and built by local craftsmen and women from KDS Design in Historic Pendelton near downtown. Located in Artists Alley, Kate Schmidt operates a facility that houses craftsmen who specialize in everything from sculptors, custom iron-smiths and carpenters. You can see Kate's work here. 
Pet Wants also features reclaimed barn wood from original barns over 100 years old that were deemed for demolition. Chris Roberts and Justin Sears, from Underdog Wood, reclaim material from these regional gems, remove the nails and hone and clean the wood before the product is ready for resale. Upon completion, they kiln dry the material for an incredible "new" product. You can get a glimpse of their innovative, exciting and growing operation here.

Pet Wants has partnered with the local butchers at Findlay Market to buy fresh beef for our house-made pet jerky. Michele has made beef jerky for human consumption for over 10 years. She applies that same technique, minus the spices, and uses thicker cuts of meat. The result is an incredible, all natural treat for dogs and even cats....and yeah, take a bite. Although it's not labeled for human consumption, it's still the same jerky we eat.

Our food is made in Ohio. Our in-store pet toys and products are purchased through a stocking one-stop Ohio Distributor. They are delivered on a weekly schedule that services dozens of pet supply companies in one big loop around the state.  This eliminates the need for multiple deliveries with carbon spewing trucks. We also feature pet toys made right here the the good ol' USA. Our pet treats are made in the USA as well, and are geared more toward the nutritional supplement that is healthy for your dog or cat.

"Buy Local, Velocity of Money, Energizing a Neighborhood" What does it all mean?

Findlay Market is Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market and one of Cincinnati's most cherished institutions. If that isn't enough of a reason to shop here, consider the impact that buying locally has on YOUR community. There are many articles available on the subject, but for those of us who aren't economists, read this article from Time magazine to understand what it really means to "Buy Local". it.