1. Place a
customized order

Select a pet food formula made fresh each month and any treats, toys or nutritional products from our selection of house-made and curated goods.

2. Schedule A Delivery
or Curbside Pickup

Select a delivery frequency of how often you would like receive your pet food and products. 
The recurring option is the easiest way to never run out of and feed the freshest food possible. We are here to help determine the right quantity and frequency for you and your pets.

Also available, "Scratch Cooked" Shiny Dog® frozen and refrigerated food made in our Nutrition Kitchen®.

3. Feed fresh

Based on your address, you will be assigned to a specific delivery day. Two days before your delivery day, you will receive a reminder email, and we will not charge your credit card until one day prior to your delivery, allowing you to make any necessary changes. Let us know if we can help with any part of this process to make it the easiest and most convenient for you.


feed fresh food


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