In 2010, Michele Hobbs and Amanda Broughton noticed some serious skin and coat issues with their trio of beloved pets. "As pet parents," Michele realized, "we cherish our four-legged companions as members of our family." But, after many frustrating trips to the veterinarian’s office and several thousand dollars spent with no improvement, they began to research causes and solutions for themselves.

The culprit, as is so common today, was the inadequate quality and low nutritional value of mass-produced pet food. They were shocked to learn that "premium/pro" pet food advertisements on the front of large bags did not equate to quality protein in the food. Additionally, the length of time between manufacturing and retail sales inherently created a long shelf life that sapped the food of its nutritional value.

Like so many others, as pet parents, they felt terrible, like they had unknowingly let their own family member down. They knew their diet consisted of fresh, quality ingredients, consumed at the peak of freshness. Their pet family members deserved no less.

In this moment, the inspiration for fresh, nutritional pet food from the highest quality ingredients, slow-cooked in small batches, and delivered right to your door was born. A pet food revolution had begun.



We start with fresh food like salmon, duck, whitefish, and chicken, premium protein sources meant for consumption by your dog and/or cat. Along with eliminating corn, soy, and wheat products, we also eliminate all fillers in our complete and balanced recipes. Our fresh and nutritious pet foods are prepared in small-batches at lower temperatures to ensure quality formulas and high nutrition.

The shorter the shelf life, the better the nutrition. Our fresh pet food is delivered directly from the Ohio pet food plant to us within days of it being made. We then deliver it to your door. Experience the Pet Wants difference in the life of your pet by trying a sample today.


We promise to share our knowledge and experience in pet nutrition, recommend solutions, and provide you with the best service a small business can. If you have a brand you are loyal to, and would like us to provide you a nutrition comparison just stop in and ask. We can do a side by side comparison of your current brand compared to ours. We have many more food options if your pet requires a special need for their food - please let us know what your pet requires and we'll work with our list of available suppliers to provide your pet with the food it needs.


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